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Developing Brands & Businesses using the best technology and strategies

Website & App Development

Get a beautifully designed website that drives results, search engine friendly and SEO optimized content.

AI Omni Digital Marketing

AI-Powered Omni marketing is more than old-school blind advertising. We leverage our client’s performance data to determine their most profitable strategies.

Consultation Services

We provide expert advice and guidance to help businesses achieve their goals by identifying opportunities for growth, optimizing strategies, and improving operations.

Social Media Management

Get your own dedicated social media manager! more followers, worthy content, so your business has a strong presence on social media.

Content Creation

We specialize in developing high-quality, performance-based content that includes 3D, motion, and user-generated content to enhance your brand's online presence.

Video & Photo Production

We create captivating video content using state-of-the-art equipment and top-notch editing to bring your vision to life.


AI-Powered Meta & Instagram Ads

We specialize in creating and implementing cutting-edge Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns that drive engagement and increase sales. 

AI-Powered Google Ads

Where PPC campaigns go from zero to hero faster than Superman in a phone booth. 

Discovery Engine

We use a process called Discovery Engine to systematically and proactively identify the most significant opportunities in your marketing strategy. Our goal is to maximize the efficiency of your budget while achieving the best possible outcomes.

We are a new type of digital agency that offers unparalleled expertise and channel-level specialization. Our clients trust us because we are strategic, proactive, and have a proven track record of success. We view ourselves as business partners and digital guides, helping clients navigate the complex world of online marketing and make informed decisions.

About The Founder

How Passion Can Drive Digital Marketing Success: Analyzing the Kavalsia Impact

Siavash is an ambitious entrepreneur with a passion for e-commerce and marketing. As the founder of Kavalsia, he has played a crucial role in helping startups achieve remarkable success, with some surpassing $1 million in sales within their first year. His work has been recognized for its impact.

With over 6 years of experience as a Performance Digital Marketing Professional, Siavash has a proven track record of success in leveraging various platforms, including Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google, and Bing, to drive conversions and generate leads for B2B businesses. His expertise encompasses branding, web development, conversion rate optimization, marketing plan development, and e-commerce brand management.

Moreover, Siavash has developed effective marketing strategies across diverse industries, serving both B2B and B2C clients. He has worked with budgets ranging from $20/day to $40,000/day, with a total spending of over $10 million in 2022 and $15 million in 2023. His ability to assess client needs and implement strategies that boost revenue and support brand growth is a key strength.


Our clients are our best advocates.

We have had the opportunity to work with wonderful clients and build strong and productive relationships, and some of them have expressed their gratitude for our work.

Sia helped us boost our apparel website traffic and sales significantly in just a year. Their skilled team consistently delivers exceptional results. I highly recommend them to anyone in my network.

Jayden D.

Toronto, Canada

They helped us successfully launch TikTok Ads campaigns that exceeded our expectations. Their team was professional, creative, and provided us with great insights into the platform. We highly recommend them for anyone looking to advertise on TikTok.

Kai Rocha

Ottawa, Canada

We were blown away by the website that Sia designed for us in a  week. It's beautiful and has all the functionality we need. Their team was incredibly responsive and easy to work with.

Todd M.

Vancouver, Canada

They provided us with valuable advice for months before we switched to them for Facebook Ads. They communicate well, deliver great creative edits, and go above and beyond to support us with analytics and CRO advice. Highly recommended for D2C brands.

Richard A.

Toronto, Canada

Kavalsia has assisted us in scaling our business by providing support in multiple areas, including omni-channel digital marketing. They helped us revamp our paid search strategy, resulting in a significant long-term decrease in our CPA. They seamlessly collaborated with our in-house team, effectively launching projects for us.

Daisy Bell

Perth, Scotland

Sia and Valentina helped us target the right audience and increase our sales. Their team spent time researching our target market and creating a marketing campaign that spoke directly to them. As a result, we saw a significant increase in sales and were able to reach our business goals.

Joan P.

London, United Kingdom, Canada

I recently had the pleasure of working with Sia for my e-commerce business. As a business owner, I was initially unsure of what to expect from a marketing agency. However, they made me feel confident in their ability to understand my business and help us grow.

Nakisa I.

Toronto, Canada

Kavalsia created an amazing website for us! They perfectly captured our brand image and the site looks modern and professional. Our customers love the new design and we've seen an increase in traffic and sales since the launch. We highly recommend Kavalsia for anyone looking for a skilled team that delivers fantastic results.

Megan J.

Toronto, Canada

We had tried advertising on Facebook and Google with little success, but working with Kavalsia on our TikTok Ads campaign was a game-changer. They helped us navigate the platform, create engaging ads, and reach a younger audience that we had been struggling to connect with.

Gloria L.

Stocholm, Sweden

Kavalsia provided us with valuable advice for months before we switched to them for Facebook Ads. They communicate well, deliver great creative edits, and go above and beyond to support us with analytics and CRO advice. Highly recommended for D2C brands.

Richard A.

Toronto, Canada

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Average Decrease In Cost Per Conversion
$ 10 M+
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AI - Powered Robot For Businesses & Brands

A robot that has all the necessary tools in one place, so you don’t need to use multiple systems, making your work easier and more efficient.

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